Mohamed Ghood
Mohamed Ghood

Inspiration behind JUST HOMES.

Mohamed Ghood B.Com graduate who in 1982 graduated from the University of Durban Westvile.

In the early years of his career Mohamed dedicated those years to being a high school teacher. Those early years taught him discipline and also a sense of appreciation for the youth embarking on the challenges of life.After a couple of years in the teaching profession he was enticed into joining Southern Life in working as a financial consultant with them. In the 3 years, a lot of financial expertise was gained and also working in a corporate environment provided him with the professionalism required for the life changing decisions that came therewith.

Strategically position within Southern Life, in 1988 Mohamed joined Golden City Housing and was instrumental in the sales and marketing of very many units. Golden City Housing had many firsts, but a milestone was that this project was a was a milestone for housing in the Lenasia area as it provided alternative and cheaper housing for a lot of individuals struggling due to exorbitant house prices at the time. The experience that was attained during this period was the type that has led him to become one of the forerunners in the property market to this day.

Today he is a registered Estate Agent that has taken the company Just Homes from strength to strength ever since its inception 15 years ago.Over the years Mohamed has become a tried and trusted friend to property owners all over.He has successfully managed to house over 1000’s families in the span of his career. It is inevitable that partnering with JUST HOMES is partnering with a company with a proven track record.